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Garage doors must be safe, secure and always in working condition in order for you to protect your belongings and prevent unwanted parties from accessing your house. There are several different types of garage doors and you will need to determine which type is right for your garage.
The most common type of garage doors that the majority of homeowners have is up and over doors. These doors swing towards your car and then upwards when they are being opened. As soon as the garage door is 100% open it is aligned with the garage’s ceiling. Since this type of garage involves a door that swings out, it can only be used when there is a long driveway present.
Roller garage doors are commonly found on properties where there is not enough space for an up and over garage door and when the driveway is short. These garage doors are made using aluminum strips wrapped around the drum located above the garage door’s opening. Roller garage doors are controlled via a remote.
Swing hung garage doors work in much the same way that up and over doors do. This type of garage door makes it necessary for a decent amount of space to lie between the garage and a car and should be avoided when the driveway in question is small.
Some garages have sectional doors. Parts of these doors are hidden beneath its breadth. Each section opens into the garage’s ceiling. Since the garage door is held by its own frame, this type can be used regardless of how long or short the driveway is.
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